While it might be hard to trust, a video games PC is among the most expensive bits of technology on the market. While most PCs in the high end range require a small fortune to generate, one stands out as the world’s most expensive. While there are not ways to get a game playing PC that will cost over $1, 000, you will also find several factors to consider when buying a far more expensive model. Listed here are the key features of the most expensive gaming PCs.

The priciest gaming PC costs a whopping $11, 500 – the price tag on a midrange family sedan! This PC is very expensive mainly because it includes two systems in one case! The mainboard upon it’s own costs more than $500. And the entire system has seven 1TB SSDs! That’s a lot of gaming ability for a small PC! However the best part on the PC is the fact it is created by one of the world’s most talented PC builders, Ian Parry.

Yoyotech’s XDNA Aurum 24K is another example of a brilliant gaming PERSONAL COMPUTER. The British-based company introduced this system in 2013 and it quickly gained around the world attention when the planet’s most expensive games PC. It comes equipped with a great Asus X79 Deluxe Outlet 2011 virtual data room meaning Motherboard, a 512GB The samsung company SSD, a 2TB SSHD Hard Drive, a 1250W Power, and a Customized Hard Flexible plastic sign CPU.

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